Thursday, December 20, 2012

Beauty and Pain

We had such a pretty snowfall this morning when we woke up!  In the shelter of the trees the snow had piled up on the branches- what a beautiful sight every time I looked out the window today.

Of course, when the kids got home from school they immediately headed out for a snowball fight.  I tried to stay out of the way and just take pictures!  Where we live the wind always makes drifts of snow, so even if we only get an inch there are lots of places where it's deeper.  They had fun!

This is a different subject, but I read this article, by Rick Lawrence the other day.  A friend had posted it to facebook, and it made me think, especially since we are pursuing an adoption of a waiting child who will probably challenge us in many ways!  Maybe it will make you think too.  Here is an excerpt--
"Jesus pursued the marginalized. He never spoke condescendingly to the broken and hurting. Pain was a beacon that drew him to people—he always made time for them. And he’s our model. If we’re not available to hurting kids, then we’re not serving as Jesus did. Our mission is to go after the frightened and desperate and abused—to offer them safety, forgiveness, and unconditional love. Our filter and our mission: Never trivialize a teenager’s pain, no matter its source. Remember the woman at the well? Jesus took a detour into enemy country just for one counseling session with a stranger in pain!"

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